Recent Study Proves Nova Max Plus Glucose Meter More Accurate at Low Blood Levels of Hematocrit (Anemia).

January 30, 2012, Waltham, Ma. A recent published study shows the Nova Max Plus glucose meter to be more accurate than other leading brands of glucose meters on blood samples that have low levels of hematocrit1. Blood containing a low level of hematocrit (medical term: anemia) has been shown to be a leading cause of inaccuracy for most glucose meters.2,3 Anemia is prevalent in the diabetes population, occurring in approximately 25% of people with diabetes.4 Anemia also occurs among nearly 30% of diabetes patients using metformin for at least three years5.

Anemia increases the risk of erroneous glucose readings in most glucose meters. Most glucose meters are calibrated at a normal hematocrit level for adults. If a person’s hematocrit is lower than the calibration point, glucose meter readings can be erroneously high, resulting in undetected hypoglycemia or mis-dosing of insulin. Two groups in particular frequently exhibit lower than normal adult hematocrit levels: children and the elderly. Low hematocrit levels are also associated with diabetes complicated by kidney disease, pregnancy, or heart disease5.

In this study presented at the European Association for the Study of Diabetes (EASD) 47th Annual Meeting, glucose meter readings were obtained on blood samples with very low hematocrit levels using Nova Max Plus and four other leading brand blood glucose meters. The study showed the Nova Max Plus to be the most accurate, with total error of 9.3%, versus 20.2%, 31.6%, 35.2%, and 31.9% for the other meters tested. The study was performed by the Clinical Translational Research and Innovation Center (C-TRIC), an independent, award winning research center. For more information regarding the C-CTRIC study or Nova Max products, visit the Nova Diabetes Care website at

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